What Does A Head Mermaid Do All Day ?

Well, first off…. this Head Mermaid’s side hustle is not her full-time gig… I will get there, and “not one day” if you know what I mean.  This is all training for the beast that will take over.  Mornings start with predawn work on my side hustle, followed by “adulting” involving making breakfasts and lunches for the day, quick cleaning, mothering and scooting out the door.

Today I submitted a proposal, worked on my marketing strategy… plotted and pontificated on permanent space, did some social media.

I take my electric scooter whenever possible as it brings me joy everyday I get to ride it.  Nothing finer than gliding down the street with my back pack on ready to take on the day.  Coffee is packed, food is packed and I will go to typy typy land and try to do a little good for others.

Lunch is spent working on my side hustle, breaks are spent working on my side hustle… Lunch is spent trying to fit some time to get my nail fixed ~ an hour wait sheesh no time for that! Scooting to the Corporate Registry and now I am writing this blog post…

Supper is spent working on my side hustle, I get home and after a little more “adulting” which involves listening to too much @GaryVee lately on podcast while I cook, mothering I go back to more side hustle work.

Everytime I watch a little television.. I can hear Gary screaming in my head… “not successful yet? how much tv do you watch”… well sorry Gary F** U a little….sometimes you just need to recharge the battery… chillax and netflix if you know what I mean.  The back of my brain is always working on my side hustle so it doesn’t really matter anyways… I have to carry a notebook around to write the ideas down as they pop up in my head or they will be lost forever….

Tonight is a charity event to support homeless women… and I think I might just go right to bed when this hump day is over. #justsayin



Sometimes it just takes one….New Public Market Bylaws #justsayin

Finally some equity for Public Markets in the City of Edmonton


On April 23,2018 Just A Little Night Market Ltd., after a 5 year wait was issued the first Public Market Organizer license.  The battle began in 2013, when Just A Little Night Market (NME) became the first public (night) market in the city of Edmonton.  The city had no category for a public markets and this meant NME’s  journey began as a flea market and bore all the headaches associated with operating in a category that does not fit.
In March, NME attended the Urban Planning Committee to speak to Council, the proposed bylaws and highlight how they were not only inequitable but, as well preventing public markets to flourish.  NME was the only public market organizer who attended.  Frustrated by the lack of support from other organizers and the lack of stakeholder engagement NME raised the numerous concerns alone for the benefit of all.
The result?
Five years later, after numerous hurdles, inequitable rules, a lot of frustration and confusion; city Council on April 10, 2018, passed the a new bylaw that better balances the interests of all markets.
What does that mean for Public Markets?
Previous Bylaw
Flea Market
  • Every market vendor requires a business license
  • Food vendor must obtain a business license and provide food made from a commercial kitchen
  • Annual Criminal Records checks for vendors, organizers, managers and representatives
Farmers Market, Festival, Special Event
  • Vendors are not required to obtain a business license
  • Food vendors are not required to obtain a business license
  • Food does not have to be prepared from a commercial kitchen
  • Criminal Records checks are not required
New Bylaw
Public Market
  • Artisans are exempt from obtaining a business license
  • Items not handcrafted or cultivated will require a business license
  • Criminal record check has been removed
  • Food vendors do not require a business license
Farmers Market, Festival, Special Event (No changes)
  • Vendors are not required to obtain a business license
  • Food vendors are not required to obtain a business license
  • Food does not have to be prepared from a commercial kitchen
  • Criminal Records checks are not required

Artisan, Public, Farmer… Which Are You?

It is not widely known that in the City of Edmonton there are 3 different types of market categories.  Here’s the down low:

Artisan Market

Artisan market: is where highly person skilled crafts persons market a variety of high-quality, distinctive product in small quantities, which may or may not include food. Many arts and crafts fall under this label.

Food Vendors: Must be made in a commercial kitchen or onsite. Requires licensing by AHS both as a market and food vendor.

Beer & Wine: Can be purchased for takeaway.

Products: Can not include second-hand, or turnkey businesses, ratio applied to artisan vs non-artisan products.

Public Market

Public market: is a diversity of vendor tables. Public markets exist to fulfill a public purpose, showcase a community’s unique character and culture. Public markets may include a mixture of crafts, art, food, antiques and garage sale tables.

Food Vendors: Must be made in a commercial kitchen or onsite. Requires licensing by AHS both as a market and food vendor.

Beer & Wine: Can not be purchased for takeaway.

Products: Can be from any category and type.

Farmer’s Market

Alberta approved farmers’ markets have been approved by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. More than 125 Alberta approved farmers’ markets operate across the province.

Food Vendors: Can be made in your home, no licensing,  no inspections required.

Beer & Wine: Can be purchased for takeaway.

Products: Can not include second-hand goods, ratio applied to hand-made vs non hand-made.

#Just Saying

Today, while lost in the vastness of the internet,  I discovered that our federal government is supporting the US-Canada Alliance for the Advancement of Women in Business. It is a good start. However, I have to admit I am somewhat disappointed because the deep rooted issues that face women in business are not identified in the report. Women need to be taught the small steps first for a measurable impact in the appropriate demographic. They will likely start small businesses and build up. They need basic skill training and networks of women in similar situations. Alas, it seems as if there has been a slight misstep… #justsaying


I hate to admit it… but yes I liked Seth Godin

Today I listened to a podcast with Seth Godin.  I have to admit I am immediately turned off by anything that “you must see, hear, read” … the popular vote usually is just the sheep agreeing with the masses.  I like to discover things without bias.  I concede, I enjoyed Seth… he made me feel like a genius.  I realized I am an artist. I love his notions about how the world is now defined by how we connect with others.  We have everything at our fingertips, no one says “no” except us to ourselves.  That means that those who connect and giving gifts to others is where it is at.

I agree more is not better.. that is confirmed (to me at least) and by WEM.  How can that mall be busy everyday around the year? I seriously do not need any more shit and I certainly do not believe I am less than because I do not have it.  Does it make you happier? Only until you need the next thing. What matters to me is laughing with others, truly listening to what is in peoples hearts and being a benefit to anyone who needs it.

Thanks Seth… yes, you are awesome!  I kinda want to have a beer with you, Iliza Shlesinger, Chelsea Handler and Lisa.  Cheers.

Just Sayn’

I know what I want in my life.  I am lucky to work on my own dreams and not someone else’s.  I love what I do.  I am so fortunate to live where I can (and have) go to school, work, dream and build the life of my choosing.  We all have this opportunity living in Canada.  We are referred to as the “Canadian Dream”, surpassing the US in education, home ownership, longevity and better health outcomes at half the price.

130 million women around the world are uneducated.  They do not have the same choices.  Being a global citizen comes with the responsibility of caring for all the people, not just some.  An educated women is 6x more likely not to become a child bride.  It seems like a simple solution to me… give education.

Tomorrow, March 08, 2017, is international women’s day.  I stand beside my ONE colleagues to be a voice for women to have access to education.

Just Sayn’


Being the architect of my life means there is no boss telling me what to do, how to do it and when.  That’s tough.

Being the architect of my life means I do not know if I am going down the right path or what lies ahead.  That’s tough.

Being the architect of my life means when I can’t figure it out, I usually have to be my own tech support.  That’s tough.

Being the architect of my life means I will live my dreams and not someone else’s. That’s easy.


Today, was a long tough day.  Not for any reason in particular.  14 hour days just do that to a person.  I spend too much time at my computer and my eyes are paying the price.  I work all day at one job and then come home to life, my other job and building the dream.  It sure is not livin’ the dream… at least not yet.  Funny thing is there never seems to be enough hours in the day… how does that happen?

One thing at a time, it all adds up I keep telling myself.  There are some things I have to accept do not fit on my plate right now and I am ok with it.  Everyone has something they always knew they would do.  You might not be doing it, I am pretty sure you knew what it was when you were just a child.  It was the thing that you dreamed of when you were lying on your back looking up at the sky or your bedroom ceiling.  You knew exactly how it would feel to be whatever that was and it always made you smile.  It was not a dream then, it was fact.  There was no doubt in your mind about how it would all work out.

Did you forget about it, push it aside? Are you living it now or wishing you were.

You are the boss of you, no one else is… be your own architect.


It is not OK to be selfish just because the President is…

According to the New York Times, Donald Trump’s transition team wanted to know: “Why should we spend funds on Africa when we are suffering here in the U.S.?” Curiously enough, most probably would have agreed with Mr. Trump that this was a real question.  It is not us versus them.


Bringing awareness to important facts is part of the volunteer work I do for the ONE organization. When I tell others there are currently 130 million girls out of school, 114 million youth who cannot read and roughly half a billion, yes BILLION women around the world who cannot read; I think this is an “us” problem not a “them” problem. According to http://www.dictionary.com to be selfish means you are :“concerned primarily with one’s own interests, benefits, welfare … regardless of others.”   That would seem to sum up the new way of doing business down south.

Canada spends less than half of 1% (0.28%) of its budget on foreign aid. 


When someone asks me “why I should help someone I don’t even know in another country when we have people here we can help?” I have a conundrum.  First, I could point out that they are just being selfish or I could ask if they believe that everyone benefits from being part of a global community? The obvious answer is yes, but that also means we have the responsibilities and duties that come with it.  You cannot have your cake and eat it too.   The United Nations was established to foster global peace, prosperity and justice. It has succeeded in its fundamental mission of preventing a third world war and improving global quality of life.  It wouldn’t make much sense to say “no, I do not want the UN’s help in time of crisis; torture for others is OK,  because we take care of ourselves here”.

All children deserve a good education, but in the poorest countries girls are denied it more often than boys. Education is vital for moving out of poverty. Every additional year of school that a girl completes increases her future earnings, which is good for her family, her community and her country.

As part of a Canada-wide movement on March 8, International Women’s Day, ONE Campaign members across Canada are reaching out to their community to deliver this important message because for an extra 2 cents per day, per person, we can help lift 130 million girls out of poverty by giving girls access to quality education.


Are you the architect of your life?


I found this picture online… I always seem to be searching for something, whether for work or pleasure.  My mind is insatiable.

Anne Wortham got it right when she says:

“I take full responsibility for myself and for the kind of life I create and the relationships I have with other people. I believe very strongly in individual freedom, both internal freedom and external freedom… Freedom from the restraint of society and within that context, therefore, freedom to realize my highest potential but to take responsibility for any failures or lack of knowledge that I have.”

Being an individual is tough, you are usually on the hill alone while your friends are having a grand ol’ time together … away from you.

Being the architect of your life requires you to be responsible for yourself.  No one will do it for you.  When the curtains close on your last act, will you be thinking “I wish I had of…..” Do it now, start it now, take the first step.  You are not entitled to anything.

Business Cards are Obsolete…except for Canadians


Today during a business meeting I engaged in the ritual. I ask for a business card, I staple it in my note book and write notes about the meeting. I give a business card.

The idea about business cards came up in the discussion, while I was looking for one of mine. I pulled out a rather flashy metallic, flexible card and we talked about the card. The card was not easy to read due to its reflectiveness.

It was then I realized… what point do business cards serve? Both of us admitted they end up in a ‘pile’ of some sort. They are no longer relevant unless you live in Canada. Then they do serve one very important purpose.

Due to the rigorous marketing regulations of CASL (the Canadian Anti-Spam Law), business cards can be your save you. According to CASL, a business card can serve as proof for consent and allow you to market to your contacts. To avoid the potential crippling, fines attached to inadvertently violating one of the many restrictions of CASL, collecting business cards in order to store them as records of consent is worth the investment. That’s it. Just one reason that I could come up with. (OK.. that and free draws… there that is two)

Doesn’t matter if they are splashy, if you have a bottle opener or USB as one… no one will use this as a reminder. Besides your website has the most current information. Make your website name easy to remember and memorable… it will serve you better than any business card ever will.