When life throws you a spanner….

Never tell the universe you are ready to put your head down and focus… for me that is when life throws a spanner in the works… this week was no exception.  I thought it was hard to focus with just my regular side hustle, job, meetings, kids, and then the spanner.

Interesting how your perspective suddenly changes and you wish you had “all that time” you had before to get things done.  Alas, I had to get super focused and that is no easy feat for me who constantly gets distracted by pretty much anything, especially if I don’t really feel like doing something… wine is a good one, there is a reason I take all those wine classes 🙂

Boss lady advice … when life is throwing a spanner at you find the business things you love to do and focus on that for awhile.  This is how you still get things done in chaos. I spent this week doing much needed therapy… vintage shopping and the universe was listening.  I need a 1970 phone table, old record player, chair, old books and kitsch… I was not disappointed and proudly stuffed my car with all my fab finds in less than two hours.  Not having rental space nor a garage meant I had to set it all up in the living room to see how it fit and what else is needed.  This is my wheel house and I was smiling.  Rotary phone works – check, soft lighting – check – big smile and a little fun – check – who knew work could be so good.

Image result for throw a wrench in my plans

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