Just a Little Time….

Screenshot 2019-09-01 at 10.21.07 AM I work best in the morning, it is the time I feel fresh and ready to put down all the things that were floating in my head while dreaming.  It is tough to work in the morning when you have a side hustle and a regular job, that means getting up very early … like 5am to work before work and then I come home to work at night.  Today was a joy, up early with several espresso’s, my keyboard and the full day ahead to do the daily weekend stuff.

It is challenging to find time for your side hustle when there seems to be a constant stream of other life stuff that needs your attention to.  We are 6 weeks from night market people, I am letting you know it is time for me to dig in deep and focus… only way to make a success is work hard.

Let’s see how it goes…. 5 am comes mighty early, #justsayin

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