Are you the architect of your life?


I found this picture online… I always seem to be searching for something, whether for work or pleasure.  My mind is insatiable.

Anne Wortham got it right when she says:

“I take full responsibility for myself and for the kind of life I create and the relationships I have with other people. I believe very strongly in individual freedom, both internal freedom and external freedom… Freedom from the restraint of society and within that context, therefore, freedom to realize my highest potential but to take responsibility for any failures or lack of knowledge that I have.”

Being an individual is tough, you are usually on the hill alone while your friends are having a grand ol’ time together … away from you.

Being the architect of your life requires you to be responsible for yourself.  No one will do it for you.  When the curtains close on your last act, will you be thinking “I wish I had of…..” Do it now, start it now, take the first step.  You are not entitled to anything.

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