Day 2 …Facebook is overwhelming

I looked in the pool and dipped my toe into  the world of Facebook advertising.  I think you need a degree in this stuff. I consider myself of reasonable intelligence and well the application of all that imedia stuff was harder than I thought. @danaditomaso makes it look easy as she strolls back and forth with her laid back style, talking numbers and dark social  hummph!  #iMedia2016 (and Dana & Carson..) taught me that you can be specific about who you are targeting.  Be smart about it… it doesn’t matter if 670,000 people can be potentially reached.  It only matters who is going to act on that information.  Use the filters, think about what you are trying to achieve with SMART targeted answers to these questions!

I am trying to figure out how to get into the homes of those who live in a 3 block radius of Night Market Edmonton.  Old school is print media… (not so new) school is finding your target audience, and the facebook really is the internet.

Stay Tuned….These are the people in the (Night Market Edmonton) neighborhood….. I will find you and you will invite me in!



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