And the journey begins….

This weekend I had the good fortune of attending the iMedia conference.


(Forgive me iMeida for inserting your stuff…. you taught me to use visuals and well I am just applying them!)

Wow I never thought I could learn so much in such a short time.  I came home and my brain literally hurt from all the knowledge it was trying to suck in.  Last night I made a commitment to myself.  I would use (not leverage…) all the wonderful wisdom I had heard and apply it… in 7 days. No better to way to learn than by diving right in!

I will start tomorrow and blog about it each day. By day 7 I will have updated my brand, created a internet media strategy and plan for measuring success. I will begin to execute the plan and decide how I will report my success.

See don’t I sound smarter already? 🙂

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